2022 – 2023 Autumn & Winter Programme


Chairman: Mike Smith
Secretary: Rick Martin
Treasurer: JohnTiffney

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• Friday 1st December - Douglas Butler
"The Future of HS2"

Douglas will look at the origins of the decision to build HS2, then consider the amazing engineering challenges that are being met. The entire project is in the hands of the politicians, of course, and the hope is that after all the truncation there still is a useful railway being built.

• Friday 3rd November - Chris Smith
"Cheltenham to Swindon 2 Routes by Train"

Chris is and ex-BR fireman and driver on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway. Chris uses a mixture of his own photographs and those of other photographers to present a slide show of picture taken between the 1920s and the 1960s.

• Friday 6th October - Paul Chancellor
“Gems from the Archives”

Paul from Colour Rail, will give us a 2 hour presentation from his extensive library of photographs. Colour-Rail is probably the largest supplier of archive railway photographs in the UK This is the tenth Colour-Rail Journey and looks at the photographic styles of ten competent railway photographers, but with different interpretations of the scene, with views from the 1950s to the present day.


Friday 14th April - Brian May
"The Death Railway"

Brian’s father was one of the prisoners of war who built the “Death Railway” between Ban Pong in Thailand and Thanbyuzayat in Burma. Brian has visited us before and as a lifelong railway enthusiast, the family connection meant it was inevitable he would research this infamous railway.


Friday 3rd March - Jo Roesen
"Rebuilding Broadway Station"

Tonight Jo will tell us how the GWSR rebuilt Broadway station, the trials and tribulations and eventual reopening to traffic. This meeting was originally scheduled for April 2020 but unfortunately had to be postponed because of the Covid pandemic.


Friday 3rd February - Mike Dodd
"Biscuit Tin Discoveries - Photos of Frank Sanders"

Mike has visited us before and gave us two excellent shows of his late father’s photographs taken in the 1950s and 1960s, but Mike is also a member of the Toddington-based “Restoration and Archiving Trust”. One of the aims of the Trust is to create a database of railway photographs from private collections and other sources to ensure they are available for research in the future and don’t disappear without trace. A biscuit tin full of negatives was given to the trust.

Friday 6th January - Richard Gunner
"Cirencester Community Railway Project"

Richard is Chairman of Cirencester Community Railway Project. Tonight he will tell us about their plans to reinstate the rail link between Kemble and Cirencester using ultra light rail and ulttra light rail vehicles.


Friday 2nd December - Paul Woollard
“South Wales Railways Around the Millennium”

By the 1990s, the inexorable decline of the railway network in South Wales meant that rail borne freight was a shadow of its former self. What remained however, certainly in the 1990s and early 2000s, was a variety of flows in the hands of Class 56s, 60s and, of course, the venerable Class 37s.

Paul’s show features a selection of superb photographs, often in colourful sector liveries, set in the striking rural and industrial landscapes that typify South Wales. The title of tonight’s show is taken from Paul’s book, “South Wales Railways Around the Millennium”, published by Amberley Publishing in 2019.


Friday 4th November - Pete Evans
“A Lad with a Camera”

Pete visited us in 2019 to present his excellent British Industrial Steam show. Tonight’s show features Pete’s “end of BR steam” photographs.


Friday 14th October - Mike Smith
“General Meeting and The Stroud Gasworks Tramway”

Our Chairman, John Thomas, and our Treasurer, John Head have decided to retire as Officers of the Society so the first part of the meeting was to be a General Meeting to elect a new committee. The Society needs a new Treasurer and John Tiffney has offered to take over from John Head. Mike Smith is happy to continue in his role as organiser of meetings and Rick Martin is happy to continue as Secretary. John Head always looked after library bookings and John Tiffney is happy to take on that role, too. John Head also took on the very important role of providing refreshments during the break.

To summarise, then, we need a new Chairman and a new Catering Manager and confirmation the membership is happy to elect John Tiffney, Mike Smith and Rick Martin as Officers of the Society. The new Chairman can be one of the existing Officers, of course.

Following the completion of the formal business of the General Meeting, Mike Smith will give an illustrated talk on the Stroud Gasworks Tramway. This was a 2 foot gauge railway that linked Stroud’s gas works to the Midland railway’s branch from Dudbridge Junction to Stroud.

If there is sufficient time, Mike will also give a short talk on a May 2022 visit to DB’s Toton depot and another on a June 2019 visit to Darlington to see the new P2 2-8-2 locomotive “Prince of Wales” under construction.